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About Our Chorus

 Pratt, Kansas  


The Pratt Chorus had its beginning in August 1993 when Sally Alstatt, Membership Chairman of Region 7 and Rhythm Central, a quartet from the Wichita Chorus, met with interested people in Pratt to help form a new Sweet Adelines chapter dedicated to "Harmonize the World" by learning to sing and promote barbershop music.


Judy Alterman, from Wichita, was the first director of the Pratt Chorus. At the end of the first year, Kyra Dauner took over and has remained in the director of the Pratt Chorus since then.


The Pratt Chorus was chartered January 1, 1996 and performed their first show in March of 1998. 


In 2014, the Pratt Chorus moved to Region 25 where they now compete.




What is barbershop?

Barbershop harmony is a style of unaccompanied vocal music characterized by consonant four-part chords for every melody note in a predominantly homophonic texture. 


What are the voice parts?

Tenor is a harmony part that sings above the melody line. Range: G above middle C to high F.


Lead is the melody. Range: A below middle C to C above middle C.


Baritone covers approximately the same range as lead. The baritone harmony is usually sung below the lead line.


Bass singers have a rich, mellow voice and sing the lowest part. Range: down to E-flat below middle C.


Do I need to be able to read music or have previous musical training?

Absolutely not! The most important thing is that you can sing and that you enjoy doing it.  Enthusiasm, a good attitude and willingness to learn are key elements we look for in a singer. We provide all the tools and instruction you will need to master any song we perform. Learning tracks and sheet music are provided.


How did Sweet Adelines begin?

After World War II, barbershop singing was growing increasingly popular for men. In 1945, a small group of women wanted to participate, so they organized "Sweet Adelines in America." From its humble beginnings in Tulsa, Okla., Sweet Adelines has grown to a membership of almost 30,000 women around the globe.

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